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2015-Mar-15, 05:20

found that the electronic cigarette can smoke pneumonia cause

Rugao Shen Hai high speed traffic police seized illegal transport 770 cigarettes almost fifteen On March 13, at ten o'clock in the morning, nantong high-speed traffic Police Brigade in Shen Hai Bai Pu high-speed descent, seized 770 illegal promotion of cigarettes, estimate of 150,000 yuan. Tomorrow, three high-speed traffic police brigade police routinely bayonet toll station, held a Sue C license from vehicles. Being driven too fast, write speed from 20 yards ETC, at a time when the vehicle speed is more than 40 metres,Cheap Newport Cigarettes to inquire of his tribe is something that riders give some tobacco companies of smoke. Then the traffic police will not take out let it from the appropriate shipping documents, vehicle driver could, after the check in the trunk with a total of 770 cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or reduce the human body immunity Electronic cigarettes can be also harmful. A study on mice as an experimental object, found that the electronic cigarette can smoke pneumonia cause. And this is that animals are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections, such as throat bacteria and influenza. In the experiments,Marlboro Red Cigarettes the exposure for up to two weeks in the electronic cigarette smoke produces a nicotine marker in the blood of rats, and the people, smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarette is similar situation. Researchers suggested that with the electronic publication of nicotine in cigarettes liquid solvents can be toxic to the lungs, so even if the electronic cigarettes have nicotine can contain be harmful.
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2015-Mar-11, 07:36

Smoking in the car is equipped with a cigarette lighter

The new traffic rules regulations smoking is not allowed to drive cigarette lighter in the car should be repealed
My friends, do not smoke, but to buy the car cigarette lighter. A few days ago, to play a child with a cigarette lighter, accidentally hand burn. I think cigarette lighter has certain security hidden danger, and to some extent to which encourage drivers to smoke, the automakers should not the cigarette lighter set. Ms. Hu
Journalist survey: receipt readers reflect, examined reporters and found that the cigarette lighter, but few people use it there, the most cigarette lighter in the idle state.
Accident: children playing with cigarette lighter Burns hands
Recently, 6 year-old children Hu girlfriend in the car playing wife, his hand scalded. At that time, her friends from the car to the shop, 6 years children are sitting in the co pilot's position, out of curiosity, children push cigarette lighter after and, in the hands of access direct, hot hands immediately go broken skin.
Some time ago in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, spontaneously, a santana to escape car drivers in a hurry, burned the cars on the Iron Bowl. Later the driver can with the firefighters, caused spontaneous combustion accident through the cigarette lighter.
Citizen: Smoking in the car is equipped with a cigarette lighter
Wife Hu the existence of the cigarette lighter is the view,Newport Cigarettes Coupons  more or less to promote smoking in the car. "Like a red light, my husband does not deliberately take a lighter point cigarette."
In fact the new traffic regulations have clear penalties for smoking while driving the driver is not allowed to smoke while driving. But Ms Hu made that some taxis on the "banned smoking" signs, but the driver sometimes regardless of a passenger car, pulled a cigarette lighter light careless ground. Atmosphere of combating tobacco consumption in the society as a whole is more and more strong, she says, whether it is a public space, which should gradually to reduce the existence of smoking cars, should be phased out cigarette lighter taxi or private space.
Poll: Most people use no cigarette lighter
Reporter in an interview in the city of Changsha random almost 20 male and 10 female owner owner, in 10 female owners, have no smoking all cigarette lighter point lead. In 20 male drivers, 12 people showed that smoking, but seven of them, said they did not use cigarette lighter cigarette, think that "not easier, that." Cigarette lighter said the other eight non-smoking owners used. "For those who do not smoke, wasted it." Citizen Zhu said, that you can buy a car for almost a year, never lighter.
See: Consideration of health cigarette lighter manufacturers should not be
In interviews with the owners,Buy Newport Regular Cigarettes  who think most male owners, not absorption smoking through, if it determines a cigarette lighter in the car. Some female owners think that should not be installed in the cigarette lighter socket in the car. For a public vehicles such as taxis, because smoking, not be installed inside the cigarette lighter in the car. For private cars should more children who will look at the old man's health, not to smoke in the car.
"It's problem first and foremost a concept." An automobile 4S shop staff said if the car on the sale of General will bring cigarette lighter. , Thought he, as the social atmosphere of the tobacco control more and more strong, the idea even more automakers are "no cigarette lighter" and accepted by the buyers. He reminded owners to use many people with car power inverters which used as auto power cigarette lighter socket, but better cross the connection of electricity not 120 Watt, so that they do not long cause time because of circuit overload safety problem for a; Also should be careful, kids play to prevent cigarette lighter in order to avoid burns.
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2015-Mar-4, 06:43

Smoke in Canada, it was really expensive

They happen to Canada, your heard fog here. Comply but to find not the sale of cigarettes, no market research. Originally according to the law, fear affect young people curl to smoke, which requires government, that all the cigarette must be hidden, to sell, will be in the Cabinet, cannot allow, to see people, small shops and supermarkets. I buy cigarettes for the first time,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Coupons my boss at all do not show me, what is the smoke varieties, ask me what you want to smoke. I, who know what you smoke Ah, can only say: Canada's most popular. The results give me a box with Philip Morris. The boss said with a taste in marlboro. Then use this method to other places, to buy cigarettes, only to, that different people to what is the most popular cigarette, are the opinions shared. I bought the smoke is 25 pins, eight to nine meters (Canadian dollars) a box. Just started really feel that your. Not only the smoke, felt, is what all expensive. Friends told me that, if you buy 6 things even more, in Canada you are. Unexpectedly, the first in a buy smoke. A box with 8 knife, not the eyes do not blink. Smoking words is too bad Canada survival condition. Freezing, all indoor smoking ban, to smoke the Moon outside. It is said that many people with smoking to stop. I felt not cold, but to the good traditions of the wrong son keep smoking, I have basically smoking in commuting to limit. Say you don't go to work, I'm very happy. Therefore I, smoke in the week is approximately 5 to 6. Than ever before, it's called taste, called smoking. Can smoking, it has encountered big challenge. This week on the life insurance to buy,Marlboro Gold Cigarettes in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance, I want to receive health information, for example, whether to drink? Smoking in the last 12 months? I tentatively asked the insurance mediation: drink, how can I answer? Answer Yes, he said, because it human nature. He will ask: drinking frequency? Every time if you want to answer: once a week, 100 ml. The answer will have no problem.
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